lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

Again Brasil

* Brazil is in danger of winning the candidate of Lula. And keep internal corruption and the "pragmatists" in foreign policy.

The first will continue the scandals and the pot de vin, which have become a very common feature of Brazilian politics, with its mensalão and his dirty dealings.

And abroad, visits and solidarity with the worst dictators in the world, in application of the Amorin's doctrine, under which national interests are above ethical and moral principles.

Wow! How Brazil is already starting to become a great power!!

martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

100 films....

* That the classifications of films has the problem not only reflect considerations and personal taste, but political interests. In the Cold War the media and film sectors in the world decided to impose the dogma that Battleship Potemkin was the best movie ever. It was, of course, an allegation dyed and completely absurd ideology. Tantamount to saying that nothing had been done in films after 1925 was so extraordinary.

Afterwards, the critics decided to take a leap of 16 years, only that he did in the eighties. And stated that the best of all was Citizen Kane, Orson Welles's work. A carefully calibrated choice: the film was inspired by the Hearst Magnate of the American press. A blow against capitalism.

Let for almost seventy years later, and now it has made another choice: The Godfather. This (from 1973) has at least one advantage: it has no intention at first sight ideological predecessors, but remains as controversial as they are. And of course, to paint a gangster in American society, criticism is allowed no less deliberate.

But it is progress. At least here are taken into account other factors for selection.

lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Las esperanzas puestas en la Corte Penal Internacional son irreales

* Como es costumbre en este país, muchísima gente habla y hasta pontifica sobre lo que no sabe. Una y otra vez se habla de la Corte Penal Internacional con una confianza y una seguridad en sus virtudes, que resulta sorprendente. Pero la CPI no parece servir mucho. En ocho años sus jueces no han pronunciado una sola sentencia. En la actualidad solo hay dos procesos en curso contra tres jefes de Estado que responden por acusaciones mínimas. Las audiencias revelan las falencias de la instrucción del Fiscal respectivo; y nueve de las doce órdenes de captura, no han sido ejecutadas. Entonces, por Dios, -De qué habla esta gente ?